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Home Theater McKinney TXInstalling a home theater in McKinney TX for entertaining makes the most of your leisure time and adds resale value to your house. Home entertainment centers can be constructed to fit your budget and tastes. Regardless of the size of your home, an expert on home theaters can design one that fits your needs. Home theaters are a great gathering place for parties or just a relaxing place to hang out with friends and families. Businesses looking for an addition to a conference or meeting room should consider a home theatre company to help adapt a theater and viewing space suitable for employees and management.

Here’s an overview of home theater basics. You can find components to suit any price range – just ask an installer for home theater in McKinney TX to help you find the right receiver and other items.

A home theater is audio and video equipment set up to make your home or business conference rooms look like a movie theatre. You can have a high-end home theater or a low-end, affordable one –  they all provide a comfortable and high-grade viewing experience. If you have more money, you can invest in options including padded, high back theater chairs and Ultra ND LCD or LED screens.

A modest home theater in McKinney TX may feature a flat screen TV from 32 to 55 inches, a Blu-Ray or DVD player, audio receiver, and speakers along with a subwoofer. A sound or Surround bar is sometimes built in to many home theater systems. A sound bar features a design which gives a fuller sound from one speaker cabinet. Used with LCD TVs, sound bars are placed on a shelf or table below the TV. A sound bar can also be mounted on the wall.

Sound bars may be passive or self-powered. Self-powered sound bars are a separate audio system. The audio outputs of your TV can be connected to the Sound Bar and it will amplify sound without the need for an independent home theater receiver.  A passive sound bar doesn’t have its own amplifiers. It must be connected to a home theater receiver. A sound bar may have Surround Sound capabilities, which may be produced by one or more audio modes.  This isn’t the same as a multi-speaker system, but it is an improvement over a regular home audio system.

Learn more about sound bars and other home audio from the experts at Boyd on A Wire Home Theater in McKinney TX.  We’ve served local homeowners and businesses with their home theater needs for over 15 years. Our installers will work with you to design the best home theater and audio system, for your budget.  Give us a call today at 972-347-0817 for a consultation. We install home theaters in remodels and new construction projects.

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